Atom LiDAR
Atom LiDAR
Atom LiDAR
Atom LiDAR
Atom LiDAR
Atom LiDAR
Atom LiDAR
Atom LiDAR

Atom LiDAR

Affordable single point LiDAR for 3D sensing

$49.00 USD
$30.00 USD

Atom LiDAR a single-point distance sensor based on Time of Flight 3D sensing technology. The small, cost-effective sensor has high and reliable performance under various complex environments. Due to the unique capabilities of combining high accuracy and ambient light insensitivity, Atom LiDAR is the ideal choice for various applications in both indoor and outdoor activities. 

  • High ambient light tolerance
  • Good performance under absolute darkness
  • LED emitter, perfectly human eye safe
  • Time of Flight 


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12 Meters Detectig Range

Near range lidar that can detect items up to 12 meters. 

4 Gram Weight

Small and tiny ranging sensor that only weights 4 grams

2° FoV

2 degree Field-of-View 

0.4kW Power Consumption

Low power consumption that only consumes  0.4kW

 Atom LiDAR is a cost effective distance sensor based on TOF technology, using 850nm IR LED light source, combined with special optics, structure and electronics, and can meet the needs of medium-short ranging(0.2m ~ 12m). With the help of the filtering algorithm, extremely low distance noise can be realized. Atom LiDAR is equipped with an 850nm narrow band pass filter, which can effectively block 99% of the ambient light, ensuring the distance measurement accuracy for both indoor and outdoor applications.



Level Monitoring

Drone Landing

People Counting

SLAM Monitoring

Obstacle Avoidance

The low cost, miniacture lidar provides multiple communication interfaces, and supports IIC and UART communication, which is convenient for the integration. Besides, the module provides a variety of measurement modes, single measurement and continuous automatic measurement to meet the needs of different terminal products. In terms of output data, you can choose to use filter to get smoother range data; or without the filter to get a faster dynamic response. During the non-measurement period, the module enters to IDEL status, thereby effectively reducing power consumption and ensuring the life of the light source.Atom LiDAR has gone through multi-channel calibration and testing before delivery and has good consistency.

Working Distance0.2 —12m (Indoor 90% relectivity)
Range Accuracy20 — 350cm ±5cm
350 — 1200cm. ±1.5%
Dimension42mm x 15mm x 17mm
Frame RateMax 500Hz
Power ConsumptionAvg 400mW
Supply Voltage4.8 — 5.2 V
Communication InterfaceUART/IIC
Operation Temperature-10 °C — 60 °C

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