FAQ - SentinelPlus

How much is SentinelPlus?
It is $598 per device with free VSemi 3D player software. We are providing engineering sample discounts for a limited time.

What is the range for the SentinelPlus Lidar?
SentinelPlus covers 0.1 to 7.5 meters range.

What is the size and weight of SentinelPlus Lidar?
The size and weight of SentinelPlus are 10.5 cm * 8.6 cm * 3.0 cm and 130 g.

How is SentinelPlus powered?
SentinelPlus can be powered by the drone battery with a standard 5V USB-micro connector.

How much will SentinelPlus affect the drone flight time?
The impact of SentinelPlus on the drone flight time is minimal. Taking Mavic Pro as an example, the power consumption from SentinelPlus will only reduce the flight time by about 2 minutes.

What is the accuracy of SentinelPlus?
SentinelPlus provides a 2% distance accuracy of the measured distance value. For the dimension measurement at the plane perpendicular to the viewing direction of Lidar, the accuracy can be as small as 1 cm.

How is SentinelPlus mounted to a drone?
SentinelPlus has a standard 1/4-inch screw mount, any standard camera mount can be used for mounting SentinelPlus as well. Please contact us at info@vsemi.io if you have specific mounting requirements.

What data format does SentinelPlus generate?
The data collected from SentinelPlus can be viewed and saved in .pcd files directly. Many free online tools can be used to convert the .pcd files to other formats like .las, .xyz.

What software do I need to view the data?
You can download our VSemi 3D player from GitHub for free.

What can the VSemi 3D Player software do?
With Sentinel viewer, you can view any frame of captured point cloud; run the captured point cloud data as a video; save any selected frame to .pcd format, etc.

What is the refund policy?
We promise a 30 day free return policy. You can return SentinelPlus within 30 days after you received your device.

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SentinelPlus - Lightweight Lidar for Small Drones