Visionary Semiconductor is the leading provider of the most advanced Time-of-Flight 3D solutions for depth sensing used in drones, automotive, industrial automation, robotics and AR/VR. 

Founded in 2017, Visionary Semiconductor has successfully developed ToF products from single point 3D sensing to 160*60 Point Cloud and enhanced its products with HDR feature and more. 

Located at Waterloo, Canada, Visionary Semiconductor has formed partnerships with leading North American Drone, Automotive companies and Robotic research facilities to explore uses in different scenarios and refine our products through multiple tests.

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Time-of-Flight Technology

Time of Flight is the most promising technology in 3D depth sensing and mapping. It is also known as near range solid state Lidar. 

Compared to Stereo Vision 3D technology which depends on complicated algorithm and requests heavy computation, the mechanism of ToF is direct. Therefore, ToF is comparatively in a compact form and able to generate real-time depth data without heavy computing load or high power usage.

Compared to Structure Light, ToF has a long working range and is less affected by the interruption from environment light. 

Our Strength

  • Team of years' experience in
          IC Design, Product Development
  • Proved ToF product development history
  • Collaboration with University of Waterloo
  • User cases in target markets 
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We partner with advanced research facilities of University of Waterloo and leading North American drone, automotive infotainment system, and robotic companies in exploring different user cases


Sentinel generates real-time 160*60 point cloud and depth map 3D sensing output. Deploying the most advanced ToF technology, Sentinel delivers excellent performance under both direct sunlight and absolute darkness, and works outstandingly under extreme conditions such as thin wire, white wall, etc.

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Object Avoidance

Sentinel is adopted by a leading North American drone company to deliver advanced object avoidance solution. By using VSemi's technology, drones are well aware of object like thin wire, white walls that are difficult to identify before. Meanwhile, drones can perform tasks under complex and extreme conditions and are less affected by environment, such as sunlight. 

Blind Spot Monitoring

VSemi cooperates with world's leading Automotive Infotainment System provider in developing ToF technology based Blind Spot Monitoring system. By using VSemi's technology, the vehicle can detect low speed moving objects and identify objects with embedded AI algorithm. The system will be exhibited at CES 2020.

Machine Vision

Sentinel is getting adopted by robotic arm systems and industrial autonomous cleaning robots. The superior 3D data acquisition from Sentinel empowered the systems with object detection, item counting, anti-collision, edge detection, low height on-floor object detection and more.