Revolutionary 3D Camera - Sentinel

Revolutionary 3D Camera - Sentinel

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  • Time-of-Flight (ToF) Technology
  • Compact and Lightweight 3D Camera
  • Real-time 160×60 Cloud Point & Depth Map Output
  • Compatible with ROS, Linux, Windows and Mac

Your Superior Alternative to Stereo Vision Camera

Acquire high quality depth map and point cloud data that was not possible before

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Environment Immune

Working under direct sunlight and pure darkness
Recognizing white walls
Recognizing thin projects like wires

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Real Time

Real-time data output
No need for complicated algorithm
Low computation load

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Point Cloud and Depth Map Output

160×60 Depth Map & Point Cloud
Up to 50 fps

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Compact and Lightweight

Size: 88mm×40mm×38mm
Weight: 72g

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Low Power Consumption

Powered by USB 2.0
5V Supple Voltage

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Developer Friendly

Compatible with ROS, Windows, Linux and Mac
Plug and Play 

Time of Flight Advantages

ParametersStereo VisionStructure LightSentinel (ToF)
Baseline RequirementLongMediumShort
Operation in DarknessNoYesYes
Immunity to Sunlight MediumWeakStrong
Computing LoadHighMediumLow
RangeMedium to HighLowMedium

Time of Flight is one of the most promising technologies in 3D depth sensing and mapping. 
Compared to Stereo Vision 3D technology which depends on complicated algorithm and requests heavy computation, the mechanism of ToF is simple and direct. Therefore, ToF is comparatively in a compact form and able to generate real-time depth data without heavy computing load or high power usage.
Compared to Structure Light, ToF has a long working range and is less affected by the interruption from environment light.

Real-time 160×60 Output 

People Detection

Gesture Recognition

Item Detection

Thin Object Detection

Suitable for Direct Sunlight and Absolute Darkness

Direct Sunlight

Absolute Darkness

Technical Specifications

General Metrics

TechnologyTime of Flight
InterfaceUSB 2.0
Weight72 g
Frame Rate50 fps
Supply Voltage5V DC (USB Powered)

Performance Index

Wide Field ModeNarrow Field Mode
Depth Resolution160×60Single 
Working Range0.1m - 7.5m1.0m - 15m
Field of View51° x 20°
2° x 2°
Accuracy2cm to 2% measurement distance
2cm to 2% measurement distance

Perfectly Designed for Depth Sensing Applications in




Industrial Automation

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Revolutionary 3D Camera - Sentinel