Sentinel - 3D ToF Camera
Sentinel - 3D ToF Camera
Sentinel - 3D ToF Camera
Sentinel - 3D ToF Camera
Sentinel - 3D ToF Camera
Sentinel - 3D ToF Camera
Sentinel - 3D ToF Camera
Sentinel - 3D ToF Camera
Sentinel - 3D ToF Camera
Sentinel - 3D ToF Camera

Sentinel - 3D ToF Camera

Succeed with the Power of 3D

$429.00 USD
$299.00 USD
  • Time of Flight Sensor Technology
  • High-performance, Compact and Lightweight 3D ToF Camera
  • Real-time 160x60 Cloud Point & Depth Map Output
  • ToF device compatible with ROS, Linux, Windows, and Mac
  • Low cost Near-range LiDAR Distance Sensor

Real-time Depth Map Output

Gesture Recognition

Detecting approaching hand and recognizing simple hand gestures.

Item Detection

Detecting objects on a mimic automated conveyor in industrial automation. 

Movement Detection

Detecting approaching people in the office.

Thin Object Detection

Able to detect thin objects like black charging cable.

arduino 3d distance sensor, rpi lidar, raspberry pi, 

Real-time Point Cloud Output

Grey Scale Picture Fusion

Combines grayscale images to create a more detailed and comprehensive visual representation.

Clean & Shape Surface Identification

Precisely detects and distinguishes clear and well-defined surfaces, ensuring accuracy in object recognition and analysis.

Excellent Performance under Direct Sunlight and Absolute Darkness

Direct Sunlight

Excellent performance under ambient outdoor light on a snow day.

Absolute Darkness

Clear capture of office supplies including transparent water bottle and computer screen in light-off environment.


Obstacle & Cliff Detection

Safe Zone Identification with Voxel

Object (Orange) Size Measurement

ToF Technology Advantages


Time of Flight depth sensing is one of the most promising technologies in 3D depth sensing and imaging. ToF imaging and ToF sensing are expected as the driving force for the rapid growth of 3D industry. Compared to Stereo Vision 3D technology which depends on complicated algorithm and requests heavy computation, the mechanism of ToF depth sensing is simple and direct. Therefore, ToF sensor is comparatively in a compact form and able to generate real-time depth data without heavy computing load or high power usage.Compared to Structure Light, ToF 3D camera has a longer working range and is less affected by the interruption from environment light.

ToF 3D sensor schematic diagram

Technical Specifications

General Metrics

TechnologyTime of Flight Technology
InterfaceUSB 2.0
Weight72 g
Frame Rate50 fps
Supply Voltage5V DC (USB Powered)

Performance Index

Sentinel - Time of Flight 3D Sensor
Range0.1m - 7.5m
FoV51° x 20°
Accuracy2cm to 2% measurement distance

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