SentinelPlus - Lightweight Lidar for Small Drones
SentinelPlus - Lightweight Lidar for Small Drones
SentinelPlus - Lightweight Lidar for Small Drones
Record 3D data anytime, anywhere

SentinelPlus - Lightweight Lidar for Small Drones

$598.00 USD

Capture 3D point clouds with an accuracy of +/- 2%

Designed for drone and robotics applications at a weight of 130g

Low power consumption, less than 2 minutes impact on flight time

Simple to use, control with your phone browser, no APP required

Easily save your point cloud data to .PCD and .LAS files

Set up in less than 5 minutes

Solid State Design

Our unique flood light illumination eliminates moving parts making the micro LiDAR smaller and lighter than traditional laser scanning. As well, the LED emitter is perfectly safe for human eyes.

High Resolution

With 160 x 60 pixels per frame where each pixel gives accuracy of +/- 2% of the distance measured. Our micro drone LiDAR works independently of GPS so it captures distance in any environment. 

Proprietary Software

VSemi’s proprietary web browser-based interface allows you to control the collection of data from any WiFi enabled phone, tablet or computer. Playback through your laptop with the addition of a simple intuitive script.

Get Started in Minutes


Plug in 5V USB micro power supply


Connect to the hotspot of SentinelPlus


Login to our browser interface


Click "Start" to record 3D data to SD card

Is LiDAR too big and heavy for your drone?

We get asked a lot with these questions: are there small LiDAR or compact LiDAR sensors on the market? Or, where to look for a cheap LiDAR? Can I have a Mavic LiDAR for several hundred bucks instead of thousands? It is difficult to answer. LiDARs are big, heavy and expensive for many reasons. However, not all the reasons are always valid, for example in confined space. For short range 3D sensing and imaging, LiDARs can be compact and lightweight for sure, like our SentinelPlus. It also enables task fulfilment with much smaller drones like Mavic Pro, or event Mavic Air.
Moreover, reviewing LiDAR data has been a pain for many users. It is usually difficult to review what you have recorded and chose the best parts for processing. Now, with VSemi's 3D player, you can playback the 3D point cloud like watching a video.    

Size9.1 cm x 9.6 cm x 2.7 cm
130 g
Resolution160 x 60 pixels
Range0.1 m - 7.5 m
FoV50° x 20°
Power5 V
ConnectorUSB micro
Mounting1/4-20 UNC thread mounting point

Request Recorded 3D Data Samples

Living Room

Apple Bin

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