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High-Resolution 3D imaging based on Time-of-Flight technology, delivering accurate, reliable and detailed depth data in compact firm factor 


Deliver real-time performace, enabling rapid data acquisition and processing of depth information.  


Customized ToF-based 3D solutions that integrate with clients existing systems, ensuring maximum efficenty and adaptability to unique requirements

AI Algorithm

Unique AI Algorithms allos for customization and optimization to suit different applications across various industries.

The most reliable 3D imaging technology

our Technology

Our innovative solution utilizes cost-effective Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensors, offering an optimal balance between performance and affordability. With the need for low-complexity algorithms and minimal power consumption, our ToF-based solution ensures efficient operation across diverse applications. Moreover, the technology's ability to function effectively in both darkness and direct sunlight ensures reliable and consistent performance, making it a versatile choice for various industries and use cases.




Industrial Automation


Our mission

We empower companies to unlock new psoobilities, drive innovation and enhance automation by providing state-of-the-art, customized Time-of-Flight based 3D solutions. We strive to create lasting partnesrhips, providing support and expertise throught the entire project lifecycle, ensuring the success and growth of our clinets. 

Success Stories

3D Scanning 

VSemi has developed a sensor for 3D scanning on Drone. The special designed sensor can be easily mounted to small drones with less than 200g payloads, such as Mavic Pro.

Blind Spot Detection System

Integrating 2D cameras and LiDAR technology, VSemi develops the Blind Spot Detection system that can detect and measure the distance between objects and sensors within the blind spot for automotive.

Precision Agriculture

Advanced, automated solutions designed to accurately control the tossing of corn stalks into the truck bed during havesting, significantly reducing waste and increaseing overall efficienty in operation.

Autonomous Parking System

Integrating LidAR technology to enable autonomous parking in various complex enviroment, such as a vertical parking lot with curbs.