VSemi is dedicated to bringing the advanced 3D imaging solution to the world. We develop and customize sensors upon customer’s request for different applications. VSemi has developed several applications with VSemi 3D sensors for leading companies in the industries. 


Blind Spot Detection

Integrating 2D cameras and LiDAR technology, VSemi develops the Blind Spot Detection system that can detect and measure the distance between objects and sensors within the blind spot for automotive. The AI algorithm can recognize the objects and better alert the driver of any potential hazards in the zone. 

People Counting

VSemi sensors can real-time count people in and out in an area, therefore monitoring the area's occupancy and space utilization. VSemi's advanced people counting solution accurately captures people's movement and protects people's privacy. With the Time of Flight technology, The system remains fully functional in complete darkness. 

Gesture Recognition

The gesture recognition system developed by VSemi is ideally used in the in-cabin entertainment system. With VSemi's sensor and algorithm, the system can recognize and identify essential hand gestures without over-loading the computation power in the cabin. The system is insensitive to light conditions; it can operate under ambient sunlight and dark condition. 

3D Scanning on Drone

VSemi has developed a sensor for 3D scanning on Drone. The special designed sensor can be easily mounted to small drones with less than 200g payloads, such as Mavic Pro. It is about 10% cost compared to traditional Lidars. You can capture absolute dimensions and point cloud data without any reference item. The data is easily stored in SD card for any future measurements. It is easy to mount and easy to use, no training required.