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We design and build advanced image sensors for machine vision.

Our Values

MISSION: Integrating 2-D image and depth information into a single, compact device.

VISION: Nowadays, with the huge advance in big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence, machine can finish more and more complicated tasks for human beings. The market for machine vision is abeyant; the current global market is $12.6 Billion, and will likely grow to $21.3 Billion by 2022. 3D imaging, such as face recognition, gesture posture recognition, has gradually interacted with people’s daily lives. It is the next point of growth for machine vision and there is rapid conversion from 2D interaction to 3D interaction. However, the existing 3D imaging often lacks color information, therefore the capability and applications are very limited. In order to achieve the 3D imaging, the 2D imaging system has to be additionally equipped to acquire color information. As the result, the entire 3D imaging system cannot be truly miniaturized. Moreover, the different viewing point of 2D image and depth image makes the restoration of 3D images extremely difficult and computation intensive. It’s almost impossible for real-time 3D imaging with high quality. The confliction chip requirement of the 2D image sensor and depth image sensor makes it implacable to acquire 2D image and depth image through a single chip.

VSemi patented the novel photodetector based on advanced CMOS image sensor, and redesigned the image sensor structure in order to integrate color imaging and color imaging into a single chip. As the result, the singular chip image sensor allows real-time 3D imaging with high-quality and provide unlimited possibilities for 3D interaction. Furthermore, reliable decision making based on machine vision can be achieved for various applications, such as driver assistance systems, 3D imaging systems, drones, VR systems and consumer electronics.

Current 3D Imaging Problems

Mismatch due to different viewing point of 2D image and depth image
Diffucult to achieve real-time 3D imaging with high quality
impossible for miniatuarization due to multi-module system

Our Solutions

Novel photodetector based on advanced CMOS image sensor
Single sensor integraed with 2D imaging and depth mapping
High performance and Moderate fabrication cost


Dr. Zhen Gao

Founder & CEO

Ph D. Applied Science, University of Waterloo

Micro-fab Engineer, Medella Health

Technical Consultant, Ubiquity Solar

Zheng Han


Co-Founder, CEO, Onion Corporation

Systems Engineer, Siemens Canada

Prof. Dayan Ban


Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Waterloo

Research Filed: Infrared imaging, Optoelectronics, Nanotech

Changbum You

IC Design Lead

Head of R&D Center, Irisys

Engineering Director, A2UICT

Sally Xu

Head of Operation

Bachelor Degree of Actuarial Science, University of Waterloo


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